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Beaudesert Tennis club


  • Great for the kids!! - Tennis is the perfect sport to introduce to your child!  It’s equally mental as it is physical, promoting both strong psychological and physiological development.  Tennis also fosters social skills – children learn about the importance of teamwork when playing doubles, and benefit from the necessary communication with singles opponents before, during and after matches.

  • Its Social - Making friends through Tennis either on or off court is almost guaranteed.  Tennis encourages communication, interaction and most of all FUN!!

  • The whole family can participate - Tennis is perfect for any age, gender, ethnicity, level or fitness level.  Tennis is one of the few sports that families can play together.

  • Tennis teaches Life lessons - Tennis helps participants especially children learn sportsmanship, reponsibility, teamwork, discipline, competivinse, healthy habits, manage mistakes, pressure and adversity.

  • Its Fun!!!! - At every level and age, from Under 10's to Senior's. You are sure to have heaps of fun as well as a great workout.

  • It can be anything you want it to be! - Tennis has everything you need and more.  Social, Fitness, Team mates, Competition, Tournaments, time with family.  It can be exactly what you want!

  • Develops your mind - Tennis reuires alertness, problem solving and tactical thinking.  Evidence suggests Tennis may generate connections between nerves, promoting a lifetime of continued brain development.  This is beneficial to youngsters and keeping the brain active in later age.

  • Fitness -  Aside from overall health and fitness, the constant action and movement during the game will help improve flexibilty & coordination, increase bone strength, build muscle and burn calories.

  • Its a sport you can play your whole life! - There is no other sport like Tennis.  Tennis can be played throughout your life from the earliest ages to your latest years  providing you with emotional, mental, physical and social benefits.

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