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Beaudesert Tennis Club Policies

Beaudesert & District Tennis Association follow the National policies set out by Tennis Australia.  You can view our policies here.

Covid-19 policy

The health and wellbeing of the Australian Tennis Community is our number one priority, and amidst growing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve released a set of COVID-19 Guidelines for Australian Tennis Organisations.

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide an understanding of the disease and preventative steps for those who participate in the activities of an Australian Tennis Organisation. They will be updated as this situation progresses.

> View the Tennis Australia COVID-19 Guidelines

Member Protection policy

Beaudesert Tennis Club take seriously our duty of care to children and young people, as well as their families and community.

The Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy has  been developed as part of Tennis Australia’s ongoing commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of its members and participants. Member Protection is all about practices and procedures, which protect a sports organisation’s members including athletes, administrators, coaches and officials.

To see more on our Member Protections policy and contact details for our club Member Protection policy click here


Code of behaviour

The Code of behaviour regulates behaviour breaches related to and during tournaments and weekly competitions in Australia. We are committed to protecting the integrity of tennis and ensuring we provide a healthy and positive environment for players to compete in. Improving the behaviour of players and spectators at tournaments and competitions is a major element of this.

> View all tournaments regulations and code of behaviour


Tennis Etiquette and Rules for Non-Umpired Matches

The Rules of Tennis, as published by the ITF, assure the presence of a Chair Umpire or other officials to determine and interpret particular situations. Rules for non-umpired matches cover certain situations where players are determining their own matches.

> View the tennis etiquette and rules for non-umpired matches


Extreme Weather Policy

The policy is designed to protect competitive tennis players from injury and illness that may result by playing tennis in extreme weather conditions.

> View the Extreme Weather Policy


Social Media Policy

Beaudesert Tennis club & Tennis Australia encourages the use of Social Media and recognises and appreciates the value of Social Media as a tool for the Australian tennis community to engage, communicate, learn, share and drive innovation. As Social Media is shared in the public realm, it is vital that the valuable public reputation of TA, Australian Tennis Organisations (ATO’s), sponsors and other TA stakeholders is protected.

> Download the Tennis Australia Social Media Policy

Communication Policy

Electronic communication is essential for sharing club news and information with our members. Our communication will be timely, appropriate and related to club business.  Our communication policy was developed to  protect members’ privacy..

Smoking Policy

​Beaudesert Tennis Club follow the Queensland Tobacco Laws. We have highlighted the restrictions that apply to our patron's.

  • no smoking within 10 metres of playing and viewing areas during organised under-18 sporting events

  • no smoking within 10 metres of skate parks

  • no smoking within 5 metres of early childhood education and care services, kindergartens, and after school hour care

Outdoor public areas:

  • no-smoking at outdoor public places such as patrolled beaches, children’s playground equipment and major sports stadiums

  • Smoking in vehicles:

  • no-smoking in cars where children under the age of 16 years are present

Educational facilities:

  • no smoking at state and non-state schools, and for 5 metres beyond their boundaries

You can see all the current Queensland Tobacco Laws here


Beaudesert Tennis club has created a SunSmart policy dedicated to help develop and promote a

sun smart club environment.

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