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To all our members who participated in 2020.

Below are a list of results for the year...


Junior Results:

  • Red Ball - Singles:  WINNER: Katie Lower, RUNNER-UP: Tyler Caple

  • Red Ball - Doubles: WINNERS: Katie Lower & Tyler Caple, RUNNERS-UP: Ava Griffin & Katie Taylor

  • Orange Ball Singles: WINNER: Koa Payne, RUNNER-UP: Taylor Lower

  • Orange Ball Doubles: WINNERS: Koa Payne & Cooper Gee, RUNNERS-UP: Taylor Lower & Tully Payne

  • Green Ball - Singles: WINNER: Hayden Griffin, RUNNER-UP: Stella Ahrens

  • Green Ball - Doubles: WINNERS: Hayden Griffin & Isaac Ralston, RUNNERS-UP: Stella Ahrens & Mia Taylor

  • Under 18's - Boys Singles: WINNER: Hayden Griffin, RUNNER-UP: Isaac Ralston

Seniors Results:

  • Reserve Grade - Men's Singles: WINNER: Kyle Ralston, RUNNER-UP: Darren Thorpe

  • Reserve Grade - Men's Doubles: WINNERS: Blake Drury & Joel Ralston. RUNNERS-UP: Darren Thorpe & Gary Ahern

  • Reserve Grade - Women's Doubles: WINNERS: Lauren Griffin & Sally-Ann Martin, RUNNERS-UP: Tracey Wagner & Peta Cash

  • Reserve Grade - Mixed Doubles: WINNERS: Hayden Griffin & Lauren Griffin, RUNNERS-UP: Gary Ahern & Allie Berns

  • Pennant Grade - Men's Singles: WINNER: Nick Thorpe, RUNNER-UP: James Peterson

  • Pennant Grade - Women's Singles: WINNER: Ebony Panoho, RUNNER-UP: Lauren Griffin

  • Pennant Grade - Men's Doubles: WINNERS: Nick Thorpe & Ben O'Neill, RUNNERS-UP: Chris Robinson & Grant Robinson

  • Pennant Grade - Women's Doubles: WINNERS: Ebony Panoho & Allie Berns, RUNNERS-UP: Lisa Quast & Lauren Griffin

  • Pennant Grade - Mixed Doubles: WINNERS: Nick Thorpe & Ebony Panoho, RUNNERS-UP: Ben O'Neill & Allie Berns

Adult Night Fixtures 2020

Monday Night Results:

WINNERS: Midori – Jim Dehaan, Dan Muller & Bella Armytage
RUNNER-UPS: Cointreau – Peter Campbell, Sally-Ann Martin & Kyle Williams

Wednesday Night Results:

WINNERS: Force - Nick Thorpe & Denis Cahill
RUNNER-UPS: Crusaders - Jason Taylor & Lauren Griffin

Thursday Night Results:

WINNERS: Volkl – Kyle Ralston & Imogen Wagner
RUNNER-UPS: Dunlop – Harry Tommerup & Paulette Watson


 Junior Hotshots Fixtures - Term 4 2020

  • Red Ball Results: WINNER: Katie TaylorRUNNER-UP: Charlotte Connell

  • Orange Ball Results: WINNER: Mia TaylorRUNNER-UP: Koa Payne

  • Green Ball Results: WINNER: Hayden Griffin, RUNNER-UP: Stella Ahrens


Special Junior Awards 2020

  • Sean Frieberg Perpetual Trophy – JUNIOR SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD:  

WINNER: Katie Lower


  • Scenic Rim Discount Drug Store Sponsored Trophy – MOST IMPROVED JUNIOR:

WINNER: Archie Potts


  • Kent Taylor Memorial Trophy – JUNIOR PLAYER OF THE YEAR:

 WINNER: Logan Taylor



  • Logan City Junior Premier League Season 11 2020 (Oct 2019 – March 2020)

Yellow Ball Winners: Logan Taylor, Hayden Griffin, Stella Ahrens



OPEN Junior Events -Singles and mixed gender Doubles

 Red Ball (5-8 yrs *) - Charlotte

 Orange Ball (8-10yrs*) -

 Green Ball (9-12yrs*)

 Yellow Ball (11-15yrs*) – NO COMP


BDTA Age/Grade Championship  

  • 18 years and under – Logan Taylor

  • Reserve Grade Men’s Singles – Joshua Bridge

  • Reserve Grade Men’s Doubles – Gary Ahern & Ron Lehmann

  • Pennant Grade Men’s Singles – Nicholas Thorpe

  • Pennant Grade Men’s Doubles – Nicholas Thorpe & Benjamin O’Neill

  • Pennant Grade Ladies Singles – Pauline Daxhelet

  • Pennant Grade Ladies Doubles – Pauline Daxhelet & Lauren Griffin

  • Pennant Grade Mixed Doubles – Nicholas Thorpe & Pauline Daxhelet


BDTA Age/Grade Championship  


Pennant Grade Mens Singles Winner – Nick Thorpe

Pennant Grade Mens Singles R-up - Ben O’Neill

Pennant Grade Ladies Singles Winner - Lisa Quast

Pennant Grade Mens Doubles Winners – Nick Thorpe & Ben O’Neill

Pennant Grade Mens Doubles R-ups – Chris & Grant Robinson

Pennant Grade Mixed Doubles Winners – Chris Robinson & Lisa Quast

Pennant Grade Mixed Doubles R-ups – Nick Thorpe & Lauren Griffin


Reserve Grade Mens Singles Winner – Gary Ahern

Reserve Grade Mens Singles R-up – Darren Thorpe

Reserve Grade Ladies Singles Winner- Amanda Young

Reserve Grade Mens Doubles Winners –Gary Ahern & Josh Bridge

Reserve Grade Mens Doubles R-ups – Jeremy Thorne & Ron Lehmann

Reserve Grade Ladies Doubles Winners – Diane Ardrey & Cheryl Murray

Reserve Grade Ladies Doubles R-ups – Ros Clancey & Natalie Deigan

Reserve Grade Mixed Doubles Winners – Gary Ahern & Briony Bray

Reserve Grade Mixed Doubles R-ups – Jeremy Thorne & Diane Ardrey


18 Boys (Junior) Champion- Kyle Ralston

18 Boys (Junior) R-Up- Logan Taylor

18 Girls (Junior) Champion- Emma Tilley

18 Girls (Junior) R-Up- Charolette Shields


Green Ball Boys Winner- Logan Taylor

Green Ball Boys R-Up- Carter Robinson

Green Ball Girls Winner- Charolette Shields

Orange Ball Boys Winner- Hayden Griffin

Orange Ball Boys R-Up- Ashley Hannaford

Orange Ball Girls Winner- Stella Ahrens

Orange Ball Doubles Winners- Connor Young & Hayden Griffin

Orange Ball Doubles R-Ups- Ashley Hannaford & Noah Shields

Sean Frieberg Perpetual Trophy Junior Sportsmanship Award Season 2 2016

Winner Trophy –  Riley Dent

Tom Ferguson Shield Day –Sun 30 Jul 2017

The annual Tom Ferguson Shield was held on Sunday July 30.

This was played at Redlands lawn Tennis Association against Gold Coast and Beenleigh and Redlands.

This tradition has been going for over 60 years with all above clubs supplying 16 players per club.

It was a great day to get together and have a hit and play some competitive tennis

Unfortunately Beaudesert was not able to defend last years title with the TGC team taking out the win.

A gallant effort was put in by all, and a huge big thank you to all those players who participated.


Closed & Graded Tournament

Pennant Mens Singles Winner- Nick Thorpe

Pennant Mens Singles R-Up – Ben O’Neill

Pennant Ladies Singles Winner – Lisa Quast

Pennant Ladies Singles R-Up- Kaitlyn Andersen

Pennant Ladies Doubles Winners – Lisa Quast & Ros Clancey

Pennant Ladies Doubles R-Ups- Kaitlyn Andersen & Diane Ardrey

Pennant Mixed Doubles Winners – Chris Robinson & Lisa Quast

Pennant Mixed Doubles R-Ups- Jason Taylor & Kaitlyn Andersen


Reserve Mens Singles Winner- Gary Ahern

Reserve Mens Singles R-Up – Ryan Carroll

Reserve Mens Doubles Winners- Garry Ahern & Darren Thorpe

Reserve Mens Doubles R-Ups- Ryan & Zach Carroll


Junior Boys Champion- Zach Carroll

U14 Singles Winner- Logan Taylor

U14 Singles R-Up- Noah Carroll


Green Ball Winner- Maverick Feme

Green Ball R-Up- Natalie Chisholm

Orange Ball Winner- Tobey Chisholm

Orange Ball R-Up- Daniel Birt

Red Ball Winner- Riley Dent

Red Ball R-Up-Mia Taylor

Sean Frieberg Perpetual Trophy Junior Sportsmanship Award Season 2 2016

Winner Trophy –  Logan Taylor

2016 Fixtures

Monday Night Winners -    Smirnoff (Lisa Quast, David Quast, Terri McGrath, Sam Russell)

Monday Night R-ups -    Bundy (Ros Clancey, Andrew Herron, Diego Contessi)

Wednesday Night Winners - Section 1 –  Nick Thorpe

Wednesday Night R-ups – Section 1- Grant Robinson

Wednesday Night Winners - Section 2 –  Michael Miller

Wednesday Night R-ups – Section 2- Gary Ahern

Thursday Night Winners -    Head (Blake Drury, Kyle Ralston,)

Thursday Night R-ups -      Dunlop (Zach Carroll)

Friday Night Yellow Ball Winner – Logan Taylor

Friday Night Green Ball Winner –Suzette Chisholm

Friday Night Orange Ball Winner –Tobey Chisholm

Friday Night Red Ball Winner –Anabelle Chisholm

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