STAGE 3 – 16 December 2020 - plan 4

Following Tennis Queensland’s Return to Play Road Map Stage 3 (v9) and Community Tennis Guidelines Level C, Outdoor Sports INDUSTRY COVID SAFE PLAN, Queensland







Tennis encourages all participants to download the COVIDSafe app to help speed up the process of identifying anyone who has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. Learn more: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covidsafe-app



You must stay at home if you:

Attending tennis activities

  • Keep 1.5 metres away from other people while watching or attending outdoor tennis activities or one person per 4 square meters

  • Check in using QR code displayed at clubhouse and on courts

Social distancing

  • Touch racquets instead of the regular pre or post match handshakes

  • Keep 1.5 metres away from other people while watching or attending an outdoors tennis activity and avoid close contact by moving around indoors..

Personal behaviours

  • Wash/sterilise your hands before and after you play and avoid touching your face while playing

  • Not share water bottles or towels. Bring your own full bottle and towel

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or hand-sanitiser when available, before and after eating, after going to the toilet, sneezing and coughing

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes and dispose of any used tissue immediately

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Keep your distance from people who are obviously sick.Be aware of what surfaces you touch and if you touch the on court equipment such as net, net handle, hoses, and court bagger you must clean these before you leave.



  • Clubhouse is open during supervised activities under supervision by trained & approved committee member. 

  • Number restrictions will apply to facility as will social distancing (restricted to 60 people at a time)

  • No more than one person per 2 square metres

  • QR code displayed for Covid tracing

  • Full clean of facility to be completed by supervisor at end of every day

  • Cleaning register/checklist implemented

  • Canteen will be open by trained & approved committee member (COVID SAFE Work Training for Dining In  https://tafeqld.edu.au/covid-safe)

  • Social distance floor markings applied in front of canteen, coaching room & kitchen

  • Kitchen is open however no cutlery, cups or plates may be used unless disposable

  • Hand santiser stations are available at all entries & exits

  • Tables & Chairs should be appropriately physically distanced.

  • Water bubbler is open for water bottle refilling ONLY

  • Showers open, but must be disinfected by approved co-ordinator after each use.

  • Clubhouse hire is available.  Covid safe event checklist must be completed,  policy must be adhered to and compulsory safety & covid induction must be completed.

  • Soft furnishings now available for use however must be cleaned by supervisor after every activity during clean down


  • Clean all shared tennis gear before and after use with alcohol-based disinfectant including ball tins

  • Avoid using unnecessary equipment such as drop down lines.

  • All scheduled tennis activities to return.  No more than 10 per court. 

  • Implement a 15-minute buffer between participants, to ensure equipment can be cleaned

  • All organised play must be supervised by Committee member that has obtained covid-19 infections control course

  • For activities not manned by Committee member a Committee approved assigned co-ordinator that has obtained covid-19 infections control course may run program.

  • Play checklist/record implemented to be completed by supervisor (to be submitted to Covid-19 manager weekly)

    • Every player/ volunteer/ spectator must provide information

    • Cleaning checklist etc.

  • Hand sanitising both before & after play

  • Preferred payment - eftpos

  • All outside events up to 1500 people and indoor events up to 500 people require a covid safe event checklist to be completed


  • Thorough online booking system including;

  • Reading & accepting TA return to play regulations (level C – before you play, attending tennis activities, social distancing, personal behaviours)

  • Recording ALL player contact information

  • Required to answer before you play questions

  • Maximum of 2-4 players per court

  • 15 mins buffer between hire

  • HIRE & COURT USAGE REQUIREMENTS & CLEANING PROCEDURES signs at pin pad, on outside of both gates and inside courts at cleaning station

  • Cleaning stations at both gates consisting of; antibacterial wipes in a hands free dispenser for surfaces, and hand sanitiser dispensers, push pedal bins for rubbish  

  • STOP health hygiene signs on outside of courts at both gates and on clubhouse  


  • Position the players at well-spaced stations

  • Shorten coaching sessions where necessary to ensure no cross over between players

  • Live ball drills and game-based play is recommended over basket based

  • Always maintain social distancing, including when giving feedback and while players are resting

  • Limit the use of coaching equipment such as target cones, drop down lines etc.

  • Don’t let students handle any coaching equipment - coach to pick up balls and feed drills

  • Payments to be made online via EFTPOS – avoid handling cash.

  • Clean all shared tennis gear before and after use with alcohol-based disinfectant including ball tins,


We thank you all for your patience during this time and hope to back up and running as normal soon.

Regard Beaudesert Tennis Committee